Historical and special woods we use



We were selected to craft pens from the "Witness Tree" in Arlington and they are displayed in the Texas State Museum of History. The tree died in 1991.

The Texas Rangers' baseball team management commissioned us to craft pens from their broken baseball bats for the last home game series of the '93 season. This was such a success that they asked us to continue this on a permanent basis.

The city of Austin commissioned us to craft 2,300 pens from the "Treaty Oak" in Austin. The tree was poisoned in 1991.

The Callahan County Historical Commission selected us to craft 1,000 pens from the original Burkett pecan tree. The tree was killed by lightning in 1993.

We were contracted to make pens from a limb of the National Champion
Pecan tree in Weatherford, Tx. The limb was twisted off the tree by a tornado.

We have made pens from the last Liberty Tree in Annapolis, Maryland.


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