Our History


I began working with wood in 1972, when I crafted an artist's drawing table for
my wife for our wedding anniversary.

My work consisted primarily of artist's furniture until 1991, when I began crafting
mechanical wooden toys.

When I accepted an early retirement offer from General Motors in Dec., 1991, I
began crafting wooden ball point pens on a lathe. This is something I have planned since 1984, when I was given a walnut pen and pencil set for a Christmas present. I wanted to make the pens because they look and feel like no other pen available, but I wanted to wait until retirement in order to devote full time to the endeavor.

The business became too much for me to handle alone, and my 26 year old son,
Greg, quit his job in electronics in Sept., 1993, to become my full time partner.

We have shipped pens throughout the United States and to 41 different foreign countries.

Our current line consists of ball point pens and accessories crafted of native wood
gathered from pastures and yards.  We have also added leather personal and gift items.

We purchased 2 laser engravers in 1996 and have full capabilities for engraving our products with both text and custom produced graphics.  We can engrave your company logo, ranch brand, Masonic emblems and just about anything you can dream up.

Various celebrities who own our pens include:
President George W. Bush, Governor George W. Bush,
Former President Bill Clinton, Former Vice President Al Gore,
former Governor Ann Richards, Ross Perot, Texas Rangers Juan Gonzalez,
"Pudge" Rodriguez, Will Clark, and Rafael Palmeiro, country & western singer Chris
LeDoux, and "Northern Exposure" star Barry Corbin.


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